Fall is Coming, Where's Your Scarves

Notice I didn’t say the singular form “scarf”; It’s that type of the year again when the kids are going back to school and the weather is getting a little bit cooler. Though the August heat is hitting North America and Europe hardest this time of the year, stores are already displaying and merchandising their fall looks. What’s the one accessory that can be worn on both the warm and cool days of the autumn season -- yes, the scarf.

So what are the do’s and don’ts of buying scarves during autumn. There are several rules that apply. Let’s start with color. Like the Johnny Mercer great song, “Autumn Leaves”, the colors of red and gold stand out the most. Taking that lead, earth tones of red, gold, brown and darker greens depict a great autumn look.

Drop the pastels

Let’s not forget the saying, “Don’t wear white after Labor Day”. Let’s keep that tradition going but let’s add other colors in addition to white. Light pastels, pinks, baby blues and other light shades won’t work in autumn.

Infinity and beyond

Go to any department store website and search the term “infinity scarf”. You will see long, multi-layered scarf that around the neck and shoulders. It’s a great layered look for colder weather and the slouchy nature of the scarf brings a textured feel to your outfits.


It seems like the market on houndstooth and plaid patterns has run its course. I would say no because they are standards to scarves. And to last that long means those patterns usually work with anything. Add to that the Alexander McQueen skull pattern. It’s unconventional but they go great with casual outfits. I know I mentioned that white scarves should go in the autumn, but an Alexander McQueen is exempt to that. Just make sure the rest of your outfit is dark colored.

Animal prints? Sure. Modern “Mondrian-like” designs? No, but depends on the color. Paisley? No way. Floral prints? Depends on the flower. Mixed patterns? Sure, mixed patterns are meant to stand out. Wear it to stand out.

Why pay attention to scarves? The reason is simple. They accentuate a simple outfit. Imagine wearing jeans and a shirt. Simple look. What is the one piece of clothing or accessory you can add to give yourself subtle flair. It’s a scarf. It’s not too bulky or cumbersome. It stands out without taking over a whole outfit. It’s also near the face and it will accentuate attention to your neck and above. Now who doesn’t want that?


Image credit: Melissa Adams on Flickr


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