Your Look Isn't Cool Anymore and It Never Was

I realize that people want to become that one special “snowflake” but when you notice that several special “snowflakes” look exactly like you, you must be doing something wrong. When you peruse and lurk sites like Tumblr and Instagram and you find a look that will make you think that you are a trendsetter, just know someone tried that long before you. Some outfits and looks work for someone people due to their build or their body, but some never worked at all. Let’s celebrates the looks that are popular but should go away a.s.a.p.


The deep v-neck and tattoo combination.

A hipster classic. I know it would be the coolest idea to put on that size small American Apparel deep v-neck shirt to show off that awesome neck and chest tattoo. Tattoos nowadays straddle the line between cool and uncool. There is some great body art out there -- Intricate detail and craftsmanship from the artist and deep personal meaning for the recipient go into making a great tattoo. But when boy bands and soccer moms start flashing their tribal art and lower back tattoos, you have to start saying that the tattoo has lost its edge. This can also be said for the v-neck and chest tattoo combination. Clothes should be made to fit you and your lifestyle, not to frame your ironic body art.


The 1980’s

The 1980’s were not about big hair, boxy suits, fluorescent colors and leopard print tights. If you taking a look from a John Hughes teen movie and putting it into your normal life, please do it while you’re a teenager. Those movies were not the quintessential 1980’s movies, because Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Valley Girl may take that title. A phenomenon of the 1980’s was the young urban professional, otherwise known as the yuppie. This was well portrayed in movies like Wall Street and Working Girl. A postmodernist look at this time can be made in the recent movie, American Psycho. If you want to take a good look of normal eighties fashion, gaze to the yuppie look. Hip, clean and functional. Save the fluorescents, lace and asymmetrical tops for the prom.


Giant framed eyeglasses

The only people who should wear giant framed eyeglasses are old people. Our grey haired predecessors have earned the right to wear them -- but if they need bifocals then it serves a functional purpose, which is the inherent use of fashion. Another person who deserves the pair of giant framed eyeglasses are gamblers. If you remember the last scene of the Martin Scorsese (another person who has earned the right to wear giant framed eyeglasses) film, Casino --  in that last scene, the Robert DeNiro is relegated to a life of betting on football. As we see this former casino manager emerge from a racing form, we see an older version of the character wearing huge framed eyeglasses. When an aging gambler wears these glasses to check the para mutuals or football lines, it’s a cool look. If you’re are in your mid-twenties and wearing them in line to get your latte, it’s not cool.


Image credit: chrishusein on Flickr


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