The Fun of Perusing the Louis Vuitton Website

You can either save enough cash to buy your choice Louis Vuitton handbag. Of course this would take you several months and you would have to forget about paying rent, phone bills and food for quite some time. You could purchase a knock-off at your local swap meet, garment district and not-so-lawful dealer. But you would always have that knowledge of buying a knock-off over your head. Either way, you may be sacrificing your livelihood or your pride to get that handbag.

Nonetheless, one can dream of attaining enough disposable income. Enough of it to go onto the official Louis Vuitton website and start purchasing handbags. For a luxury brand site, the LV site is one of the best as it displays the brand and the lifestyle associated with it so well. And as shopping site, it is one of the best as it displays each line and item descriptively and clearly.

As a brand site, you will see the “World of Louis Vuitton”. It is a journey through the brand’s history, core values and designs. You also get profiles of their staff, notably their head artistic developer. But you also get a sense of their commitment to the environment and to charity. Last, you get details of their world famous sailing competition, the Louis Vuitton Cup.

Let’s get to the shopping. Here are the categories you can shop from:

  • Icons - The Classic LV labelled bags
  • Handbags - The latest designs and redesigns of classics from LV
  • Small Leather Goods - Clutches, Wallets and smaller items
  • Accessories - Scarves, shawls, belts
  • Travel - Travel bags, luggage and carry ons
  • Shoes - Pumps, sandals, boots
  • Timepieces - Watches
  • Fine Jewelry -  Rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and charms
  • Books and Stationery - Books, guides, agendas, calendars
  • Mon Monogram - You can personalize your bags and small leather goods
  • Ready to Wear - Haute couture clothing from LV

If you dare to dream or if you can make that dream a reality, log onto the official Louis Vuitton website. You can learn a little about the brand and lifestyle. You can get images and videos from fashion shows and other style presentations. It is one of the best style and shopping sites out there. Hopefully, you can buy all the bags on this site when the time comes.

Image credit: Foeock Kancilc on Flickr

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