Import Beauty Brands 101

We can safely say that brands like Chanel, YSL and Versace have become standards in the United States. You can visit any department store or specialty shop and purchase any of their fragrances, skin creams and other beauty products. Despite all of them coming from Europe, you won’t fall into any trouble purchasing or importing any of their goods.

Can the same thing be said from imports coming the other side of the globe. We are talking about the other ocean, the big ocean -- the Pacific. Specifically, the beauty products coming from the countries of Korea and Japan are beginning to show up on American shelves everywhere.

The beauty industry is huge in Korea and Japan. It is a multimillion dollar industry with millions of regional consumers who are addicted to product. Skin creams, toners, BB creams, foundation and lightening creams are just a few of many items that consumers crave for. But what these cosmetics do best is brand marketing.

Companies like Etude House in Korea and Shiseido in Japan put in a lot of work into their quality of product, product design and brand marketing. You may see one of the biggest stars of television and film or maybe a pop singer in one of their many adverts. There are constant campaigns for special lines that constantly come from these companies.

Let get to know some of these companies briefly:

Shiseido - This Japanese company has been seen in American department stores for several decades now. It is the most recognized Japanese brand around the globe today. Specializing in facial and hair products, Shiseido is well known for its Bio-Performance line of beauty products; The most purchased item that should be in your possession is the Bio-Performance Super-Revitalizer and Advanced Super Restoring Cream.

Etude House - Although one of many brands coming from the AmorePacific company, Etude House is the most well known and sought after. Appealing to the younger demographic and branding itself as more energetic and carefree, their products range from skincare to personal care. Along with the exuberant Etude House, other lines promote sophistication (Laneige) and innnocent elegance (Innisfree). Over the past couple of years, Etude House stores have begun making appearances in both North and South America.

Skin Food - Their motto is “beauty food for the urban sweety”. Their goal coincides with their brand name -- they want to create skin products based upon the nutritional values of food. In their serums, creams and formulas, they use natural fruit and vegetable extracts. Do you have a favorite fruit, vegetable or any other organic? Skin Food probably has a line of product dedicated to that. With their vast lines of product and whimsical packaging, Skin Food stores have made their way into the United States from Asia.

Image credit: MIKI Yoshihito


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